Nameless Town is an independent publisher of motivational non-fiction for adults and fiction for children.


For adults, we publish books that fit into the categories of self-improvement, motivation and positivity, in the form self-help texts and inspirational memoirs.


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For children, we publish fun-filled fiction, but with themes that emphasise positive messages, allowing for learning packs to be created for primary schools to promote reading and literacy.

Distribution-wise, we do things a bit differently. We are a traditional publisher, but prefer to deal directly with customers rather than through more traditional routes such as Waterstones and Amazon. It’s just as straightforward to buy a paperback from a publisher’s website as it is from Amazon, and doing so promotes independent publishing and ensures authors receive fair royalties.

Our focus is on paperback, with titles made available on ebook approximately six months after print release. Paperbacks will also be available in selected independent bookshops.

If you’re looking for fiction for adults, check out our not-for-profit subsidiary, RAZUR CUTS BOOKS, an evolution of the Falkirk-based street literature magazine, Razur Cuts. Here you will find titles from under-celebrated and under-represented voices, as well as Razur Cuts magazine and the Razur Cuts full-colour anthology, Finest Cuts.


The name was chosen off the back of the degree of division that has occurred (and continues to occur) in the United Kingdom. At the beginning of time, there were no borders between towns, regions or countries, nor were there names. These names and boundaries, whilst handy for developing identity, can often be a source of conflict. The name reflects the optimistic idea that removal of boundaries and names might allow for more harmony, and the focus placed on more positive, fulfilling pursuits.


We will let you know whenever interesting stuff happens.